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CPR First Aid

This course is required for activities with increased risk, as identified in Safety Activity Checkpoints.

For many activities, Girl Scouts requires that at least one adult volunteer be first-aid/CPR-certified. Please take age-specific CPR training - child CPR if you’re working with younger girls and adult CPR when working with older girls/adults. The Safety Activity Checkpoints references when a first-aider needs to be present at activities.

First-aid/CPR training that is available entirely online does not satisfy Girl Scouts’ requirements. Such courses do not offer enough opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your technique.

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada recognizes CPR and First Aid certification through the following organizations:

American Heart Association 877-242-4277
American Red Cross 702-791-3311
CPR Institute 702-234-6921
Prism CPR 702-798-7500
Sundance Safety Training 702-280-9884

You may contact organizations directly for class schedules and fee information. Please forward a copy of the certification card to be recorded for your Girl Scout training record. Card is valid for two years.


Last Modified: 5/22/2013 11:17 PM

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