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Cadettes Global Action Award

By working on the Global Action award, you'll be embarking on an adventure that brings you in touch with your global sisterhood. As a Girl Scout Cadette, you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), a worldwide movement, comprised of 10 million girls throughout 145 countries, all working together to build a better world. Being a Girl Scout Cadette is all about branching out as a leader in your community; having healthy, meaningful relationships with your peers, adults, and family; and learning how to lead younger girls. The Global Action award provides ways to accomplish these goals as you learn about critical world issues and engage in activities that can have far-reaching effects, such as ending hunger and world poverty.

As you engage in the leadership journeys, complement your experiences by earning the Girl Scouts Global Action award. For example, activities 1 and 2 (see below) deal with healthy relationships – one of the ideas of aMAZE!, the Girl Scout Cadette journey in the It's Your World - Change It! series. Activities 7 and 8 (see below)can be adapted to focus on learning about the themes of Breathe, the Cadette journey in the It's Your Planet – Love It! series. Global Action award activities encourage you to discover self-confidence, connect compassionately to others, and take action to make the world a better place.

Global Action Award for Girl Scout Cadettes

Girls complete one or more activity to receive the award

1. Ask women you know such as your mother, grandmother, aunt, or neighbor about gender discrimination. Then, collect and share stories of their experiences. Ask what they did in the face of discrimination. Share your findings. (Millennium Development Goal: Empowering girls)

2. Watch a favorite movie with friends. Discuss the male and female characters. Which characters are depicted as intelligent, problem-solvers, strong peacemakers, and/or leaders? How can characters in movies and television influence what girls think about themselves? Role play some of the characters to demonstrate what you observed. (Millennium Development Goal: Empowering girls)

3. Look into the leading causes of child mortality. (You can do research using or other sites.). Present your findings to others in an interesting way, such as graphing. (Millennium Development Goal: Helping child survive)

4. Treat your mom to a cup of tea or coffee. Talk to her or another mother you know about the joys and challenges mothers face every day in raising children. Write a short essay describing her experience and reflect your gratitude for what she does. (Millennium Development Goal: Keeping mothers healthy)

5. Devise a family menu for one day: a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure your meal choices contain a good balance of nutritious foods and work out how much these meals cost per person and per day. Compare those costs and food choices with what people who live on less than a dollar a day experienceShare your findings(Millennium Development Goal: Ending hunger and poverty)

6. Investigate a disease that you want to help find a cure for such as AIDS, breast cancer, or Multiple Sclerosis. Then take social action! Participate in or plan your own local walk/race to raise awareness. (Millennium Development Goal: Preventing disease)

7. Discover the meaning of teamwork. Contact youth in another area club, within Girl Scouts, or school to join you in a service project such as putting on a play at a senior home, visiting a children in a hospital, etc. Plan some time to get to know the other students. What can you accomplish by teaming up? (Millennium Development Goal: Peace through partnerships)

8. How environmentally sustainable is your home? Consider changing light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, installing water filters, fixing leaks, etc. Investigate other ways to reduce your carbon footprint: Share and compare these efforts with your group. (Millennium Development Goal: Saving the planet)

9. Can you imagine a world without books? Conduct a used children's book drive to donate books to a local organization that helps families and children who can't afford to buy their own reading materials. Afterward, write a short paragraph about how it feels to help others. (Millennium Development Goal: Education opens doors)

10. Help younger children discover the joy of read-aloud stories. At a local school or library, volunteer to read to a young audience. (Millennium Development Goals: Education opens doors)

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