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Brownies - Getting Started

Girl Scout Brownies are in grades 2-3. Girl Scout Brownies introduces girls to planning and decision-making and of course plenty of fun with friends! Girl Scout Brownie activities and programs focus on the discovery of different topics and interests, including; outdoor sports, music, science wonders, musical explorations, and communication. Girl Scout Brownies are encouraged to "try " a variety of activities to determine their interests and begin to learn even more about themselves.

As a Brownie, girls will begin to:

  • Expand their knowledge in the Girl Scout ways including the handshake, slogan, motto and quiet sign.
  • Further their exploration of citizenship by planning and participating in flag ceremonies.
  • Share their heritage and cultural experiences.
  • Participate in troop decision-making.
  • Gain new experiences through short trips.
  • Receive recognition try-its for their accomplishments.

Last Modified: 3/31/2011 2:48 PM

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